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Chris Freter (14)

Echelon Cycling Team is a Racing Team Based in Columbus, OH

At Echelon Cycling Team our mission is to promote the sport of bike racing in Central Ohio and make it fun and accessible for everyone. But mostly we ride because we love it. We're not professionals here. Racing is just another way to have fun on our bikes. It keeps us active and motivated to get out and ride - especially on those cold winter days.

Our primary sponsor is Trek Store Columbus. They have three locations and we think they are the best bike shops in town. They give us great support and go the extra mile to make sure we are properly equipped for racing.

If you are considering getting into bike racing or want to learn more about the team, join us for a ride. Watch the calendar to the right to see when we are riding.
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What's happening @ Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team

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Monday, Aug 20 • 29 days ago
Test ride after a little love and care + new bridge is officially open Thursday. Let the KOM''s begin :D  2 mile errand
Got a kitchen pass to get out for a quick spin. The bike does a body good!  21 mile workout
Sunday, Aug 19 • 30 days ago
PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride - we got our first flat of the year. Still very fun ride with some new faces!  33 mile commute
Nice and easy on the way home from work. Went over the new train bridge. Looks like should soon be open for traffic.  11 mile commute
Saturday, Aug 18 • 31 days ago
Zwift-Innsbruck-First time on the new course,lots of climbing! The rain outside has let up, so I am going to take a chance and ride to work.  6 mile indoors
Commute to on wet to starting to dry roads. See if I made the right choice for this evening.  9 mile commute
Friday, Aug 17 • 32 days ago
Zwift - Watopia - Yay....another rainy day. A little Zwifting before work.  12 mile indoors
Thursday, Aug 16 • 33 days ago
Zwift - Watopia - Some Zwifting on a rainy day with a little help from Melvin.  22 mile indoors
Wednesday, Aug 15 • 34 days ago
Commute to work a little longer way. Trying to meander as much as I had time for.  18 mile commute
Tuesday, Aug 14 • 35 days ago
No efforts today, just for my mental well being. Apparently to save a baby snapping turtle as well.  33 mile social
Sunday, Aug 12 • 37 days ago
PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride and commute to work.  34 mile commute
Quick spin before dinner after a long day at work.  2 mile errand
Friday, Aug 10 • 39 days ago
Morning ride before the cold front rolls through with beast mode J.D. - J.D. is riding like he always has a tailwind. ;p  28 mile workout
And a little bit more to cool my legs down - Time for a little father-daughter time!!!!!!!!!!!  3 mile workout
Thursday, Aug 9 • 40 days ago
Easy spin before this evenings group ride.  24 mile workout
Fell a sleep on the couch, missed the start of the ride of one for me. Made the best of it.  38 mile workout
Wednesday, Aug 8 • 41 days ago
Zwift - Watopia - a little virtual spin on a rainy day.  10 mile indoors
Tuesday, Aug 7 • 42 days ago
Quick ride before work. With the weather coming in later this afternoon, I figured commuting to work may not be a wise choice today.  21 mile workout
Sunday, Aug 5 • 44 days ago
Home before the big scary cloud decided to give me a shower......or a slow and very tired commute home.  10 mile commute
PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride + commute to work. We try to skirt around the Dublin Irish Festival.  36 mile commute
Saturday, Aug 4 • 45 days ago
Cool, but very humid night commute home.  14 mile commute
Long way to work got shorten do to "HELP!" call from bossman. TT effort to PBS.  28 mile commute
Thursday, Aug 2 • 47 days ago
Nice and easy on the way home - great way to unwind from a busy day.  12 mile commute
First commute to work in August. The year is going by fast.  8 mile commute
Good to be back in the saddle - quick spin before work  27 mile workout
Monday, Jul 30 • 50 days ago
Errand to Craig's to give a helping hand.  2 mile errand
Sunday, Jul 29 • 51 days ago
PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride. Great turnout and great ride!  25 mile workout
Saturday, Jul 28 • 52 days ago
A little bit of PwP with a 25 minute effort, then a nice spin home before work.  20 mile workout
Friday, Jul 27 • 53 days ago
PBS Full Moon Ride - Great turn out - Thanks everyone for coming out and enjoying the night!  28 mile social
With only a few days left in the TdF, it is hard to pull myself away or a quickie before work.  20 mile workout